School Transport

The school provides transport facility to its students as per the existing route.Please note that it is not possible to cater the individual requirements at the cost of time and distance. Also note that:

  • Students should refrain from taking any part of the body (head, arms, hand etc.) out of the windows for their own safety.

  • They should not throw any paper, fruit peels or any other articles out of the moving bus.

  • They should not move about, play or do any mischief in the school bus. Unruly and undisciplined behavior in the bus will lead to debarring the student of availing this facility.

  • International vandalism such as defacing the interior of the bus, breaking of window-panes, tearing or cutting of seat covers or any others offence will result in a heavy penalty and expulsion from the facility.

  • Student is not allowed to change their bus routes under any circumstances, e.g. for visiting their friends or relatives. If not using the bus, parents are requested to come personally to pick up their children.

Identity Card

All students are given an Identity card at the beginning of the session. This I-card must be worn to school every day as it is meant for the security of the child. Parents must furnish correct details asked in the I-card. Loss of the I-card should be reported to the Class Teacher immediately. If details in the I-card have become obsolete ( e.g. change in Tel. No. and address), parents must again request for a second I-card. A duplicate I-card can be issued on the payment of Rs. 30/-