School Fee Rules

  • Fee is quarterly payable in the months of April , July,October & January & It should be deposited between 12th of the month respectively.

  • If “Last date of payment “ Is a holiday then the day before the such holiday is considered to be the “last date of payment “.

  • Fine for the late payment of fee:-
    If fees is not paid by “the last date of payment “ a fine of rupees 5/- per day including all holidays will be charged from the last date of payment & till the date the fees is payed.

  • Additional penalty:-
    If fees is not deposited by “ the final date of the payment i.e. 15th the next month” then the name of the student will be struck off of the roll WITHOUT ANY REMINDER and such student will not be allowed to attend the classes until the additional penalty of Rs. 1500/- is paid along with late fine of Rs. 5 per day.

    On working days only-
    Summer : 9:am to 12:00 pm
    Winter : 10:am to 1:00 pm
    Fee is chargeable for 12 months from April to March.
    Any consideration regarding fee can not be accepted.
    Paid fees is not refundable.


Refundable security fee:- For the purpose of using labs. – Chemistry, Physics / Biology / Math’s. Physical Education. Student must submit refundable security Rs. 3000/- which is not refundable at the time of withdrawal of student from the school.

Security fee will be refundable only after submitting original school security fee slip to the school office.

Without security fee student are not allowed to use lab recourses.

If any destruction has been done to the equipment , school building , furniture etc by the ward then the cost of that destruction will be cut off from the submitted security fee in the school office.