Academic Director Message

Mr. Anurag Gupta 2014- Present


Every child has a dream to touch the destination of success for which he has to cross one ladder. He needs guidance to climb every ladder. My goal and desire is always to pave the way for him as a friendly and a guide at every step of his. So that he continues to soar without fear, without fear of his success. He does not leave his patience even on a difficult occasion. I keep on making him aware of the proper and inappropriate path. I always have the desire that every child in my school should have a place in his life so that not only can we but our parents feel proud of themselves. He can shine the name of himself and his supporters, not just in his country, but also in the world.

New changes are taking place in education for the betterment of children. My effort is always to familiarize students, teachers and parents with all the suggestions and instructions of C.B.S.E Board.

Let them know the valuable and useful dimensions of education so that children can learn in easy ways of playing games by not fully understanding sentiments of their studies.

To familiarize them with the environment and the present situation in the country and for their intellectual and mental development, we organize competitions, seminars, debates, etc., which gives the child confidence. And he has the opportunity to present himself to everyone and to make his thoughts known. One of the important aspects of getting education is that the child has all round development.

All my best efforts are to provide the best environment and facilities for every member of my Aum Sun family and provide a harmonious atmosphere of mutual love, brotherhood and goodwill.